At the following link, you can find a report on the activities and outputs of the University of Manchester-based ‘Creativity and Dementia’ project, ‘Creativity and Dementia project report‘ by Sue Bellass, Andrew Balmer, Vanessa May, John Keady, Christina Buse, Andrea Capstick, Lucy Burke, Ruth Bartlett, Anne Connolly, James Hodgson and Lynne Chapman.

The report also includes some details from the paper published in Dementia as an output from the project, which you can access here (or by emailing Andrew Balmer):

Bellas, S., Balmer, A.S., May, V., Keady, J., Bush, C., Capstick, A., Burke, L., Bartlett, R., and Hodgson, J. (2018) Broadening the debate on creativity and dementia: A critical approach, Dementia:


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